Alexandria Benoit

Alexandria Benoit is a Canadian film and TV actress. Best known for playing Sadie Rowland on Degrassi: The Next Generation, she has been featured as a principle actress on many popular Canadian and American television shows, including Carlo Liconti's Rebels, SyFy/Showcase’s Haven, CBC’s Being Erica and Discovery Channel’s Karma's a B*tch.


A multi-talented entertainer, Alexandria also sings in her own band, and has a background in competitive dance. Alexandria was featured in the International McDonald’s McCafe campaign for Sochi’s 2014 Winter Olympics, and is currently continuing her TV and film career as well as modelling.



Alexandria had a deep-rooted passion for the arts from a young age, and always knew she was a performer. At the age of 3, she was creating dramatic soliloquies and extravagant songs, performing plays and entertaining audiences with her passion and imagination. She founded her first band at the age of 7, and acted in her first professional role – as Amanda in the short A Midwinter’s Daydream – when she was 12.




Alexandria’s most famous role has been as Sadie Rowland on Canadian hit TV series Degrassi: The Next Generation, as well as acting in the film Guidance, which was featured at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2014. Her acting skills have extended to films such as Small Town Murder Songs, A Cry in the Dark, The Garden, Trophy Life (CFC), The Dance (CFC), and many more.


Outside of Degrassi, as a TV actress Alexandria has appeared on Haven, Being Erica, The Fantastic Plastic Brain (Discovery Health US/The Science Channel), and more. She’ll next appear on the TV series Rebels.


Alexandria has also been featured in multiple music videos, including Shake It Off by Rezonate, Red Ridinghood by Hugsnotdrugs, Music is Love by Viktoria Station and No Matter What by One Two



In 2013, Alexandria collaborated with the bands Hugsnotdrugs and White Ring to record a track titled “W.D.Y.S.L.N.” Alexandria’s collaborative musical partnership with Hugsnotdrugs continued in 2014, when the band released their album “In This House” with Alexandria contributing synths and vocals.


Alexandria’s current focus is the release of her self-titled record under the alias DVMN.



As a fiercely competitive dancer, Alexandria trained for eight years in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Pointe, Acro, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Modern dance styles. This led her to sign with The National Ballet School of Canada, where she performed in The Nutcracker at The Hummingbird Center in Toronto.



Being physically active, Alexandria has trophies in highly competitive sports such as Swimming, Volleyball, Long Jump, Relay, Cross Country and 100m Dash.


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